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Want to gain hands-on experience on what it’s like to teach high school classes, while earning volunteer hours? YIV’s teaching assistant programs are a great opportunity to learn from professional teachers in upper-level learning.


Currently, we offer our Math Teaching Assistant program, where students with strong communication, organization, and attention to detail are encouraged to apply. No prerequisites of math or public speaking knowledge required.

Send your resume to to apply!

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Math Formulas

Hear From Our Math TAs

Since joining the math TA program this fall, it has been quite an rewarding experience. It is the first longer-term volunteering experience for me. I have improved my time management, communication, and organizational skills, which are useful for school projects and other extracurriculars or jobs. The tasks like marking math and communicating with students are very straightforward and efficient, and is a reasonable workload. I also get a lot of support from Eva, the program coordinator and math teacher who frequently communicates with me. Plus, it’s a great way to gain volunteering experience, transferrable skills, and abilities to balance with school.


- Matthew | 2022 Math TA

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